Unlike most florists we don't have a 'standard' bouquet selection to choose from as we personalise every bouquet to the requirements of each customer. It's harder work for us, but it allows us to create a mini floral masterpiece, just for you.

Its a simple process, and quicker than ordering online, usually  taking about 3 minutes. You can leave it to us to work our magic or you can let us know your colour and style preference.

Call us on 01 260 99 37 and we'll take it from there.


Why do it this way?

With flower quality being of the utmost importance to us, and knowing that growers can not guarantee perfection in every flower, (we're working with nature after all),  we select only the very best grade of flowers that the Dutch auction has each day, guaranteeing freshness, floral longevity, quality and variety. If we don't have what you want on a particular day, that's because it wasn't good enough and we didn't buy it.


Special orders

If there is a specific or more unusual flower you want for an event, just give us 3 days notice. The first 24 hours allows us contact our buyers in The Netherlands who in turn will put an order in with growers all over the world. The next 36 hours allows us time to import your special order from Japan, Ecuador, Canada, South Africa or wherever your flowers are grown, with the final 12 hours  being used to condition and prepare your flowers for sale from our little shop on the hill, in Milltown.  



The Enchanted Florist

With fresh flower deliveries direct from The Netherlands 4 times a week, we offer an extensive range of stylishly hand-tied bouquets and considered arrangements, in addition to a selection of floral gifts which are of a more continental style. We also provide a bespoke floristry service for Dublin residents as well as several embassies and corporate bodies in the South Dublin and Dublin city areas.

If you don't know much about flowers, feel free to leave it in our hands, just mention a colour or style (wild / formal / avant garde / classical / eclectic) and we will design something just for you.  You wont be disappointed and, more importantly, you wont be charged for our creativity.

If you haven't shopped with us before, give us a whirl.

The Enchanted Florist - because we care as much as you do.