Subscription Flowers

From €50

Why send just one bouquet when you can keep giving and giving and giving without having to remember?

The ultimate gift of flowers is a subscription to The Enchanted Florist where we will design a stunning handtied bouquet for that special person in your life.

We will include a free vase with the first delivery to ensure that each of the subsequent bouquets fits perfectly and look their best.

To order, simply call us on 01 260 99 37 and let us know how much you want to spend on each bouquet in addition to the frequency you would like to have them delivered, e.g. weekly / monthly / quarterly.

Before you call us, you can establish if the person you are gifting the subscription to has any favourite flowers or, perhaps more importantly, has a pollen allergy or any floral dislikes. We really want to get this right for you and for them.

Please note that payments will be taken by direct debit on the day the delivery goes out. Of course, you can prepay for all of the deliveries at once if you prefer; the decision is entirely yours.